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👉 Being a Duke isn't just for the elite ...
👉 Elevate your status AND have the legal docs to prove it!

(ps. your friends must call you Duke from now on...)

👉 Being a Duke isn't just for the elite ...
👉 Elevate your status AND have the legal docs to prove it!

(ps. your friends must call you Duke from now on...)


Personalised Gift Pack

Personalised documents so you can flaunt your new status

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Instant downloads & next day shipping worldwide

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Donation for tree planting with every order

What's Included Now You're a Duke.. 👑


What's Included Now You're a Duke.. 👑

👉 Certificate of Title on official parchment

👉 Master Title Deed & instructions to change your title legally on your documents ... VIP treatment awaits

👉 Luxury Gift Pack containing all your documents

👉 Instant Download Pack for those in a rush

👉 Warm fuzzy feeling of helping to protect nature - your subjects will approve :)


Seize your DUKE title

Fancy a life with a sprinkle of nobility? Buy, submit your name, and behold! Your title could be with you as early as tomorrow. Your reign begins with a single click!

⚡️Instant download version available

Make It Official (with a Dash of royalty!)

Once your royal parcel arrives, whip out a quill (or just any pen) and seal the deal with your signature on the Master Title Deed. Congratulations, you've now got to be called ‘Duke’ by your friends 🤣

Flaunt It and Save the Planet!

Now, it’s not just about the bragging rights (though those are fabulous!). Jazz up your ID, bank cards, and pretty much any document that used to bear that commoner title. Plus, with every title pack, we plant a tree.

That's right – be royalty and eco-friendly!

😎 The perfect gift loved by 22,000+ customers worldwide 👑

Michael L.

Verified Purchase

Was bit sceptical at first, however mine arrived in 48 hours and have had lots of ribbing and fun!…

Anthony M.

Verified Purchase

It's fascinating how differently you are perceived with the title 'Lord' on your bank cards etc.. And, just had a call from my doctor asking for Lord Anthony...... I can live with that 😁

Bruno W.

Verified Purchase

“Absolutely loving my new title got new bank & credit cards and going to book my first holiday as a lord but unfortunately not on my passport but it’s still my new name and I love it”

Gary D.

Verified Purchase

“Great got it very quick waiting for driving license to come back but changed it on everything else. Absolute brilliant.”

Rodney B.

Verified Purchase

I can’t believe i am a Lord of the rings😅😂

Dean H.

Verified Purchase

"Still getting use to it, But slowly changing my title on all official documents, But so far so good. I started telling people, starting with my family. Came as a bit of a surprise to them, as nobody they know has ever done this before and I was the 1st to change my title, now starting to tell friends also. I wonder how many people will follow suit. Above all. I am very happy with my new title. My thanks to Prestige titles.”

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Christopher D.

Verified Purchase

"I am really enjoying being a Lord now and have already begun the process of updating my documentation etc. My bank cards are already done along with other things like my driving licence. It's amazing just how much more respect you get from friends, family and other people who know you and they even address me in the correct manner. Even people who don't know me address me in the correct way once they know that I am actually a Lord.”

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🤴🏻Best Seats in the house on plane journeys

💅🏼 Preferential Treatment when travelling or dining

😎 Upgraded Hotel Rooms

🥂 Complimentary Food & Drink

Join our community of 22,000+ happy customers

Treated like royalty

"Upgrades are the best part of the title. I was recently given a complimentary upgrade to a hotel's "Master Suite" and treated like royalty throughout my stay!"

Lord J. Baker (2019)

Sorry for the wait, my Lord!

"2 years on and the Lord title is still great fun. My favourite line was "Sorry for the wait, my lord" at a restaurant after making sure to include my title on the reservation."

Lord S. Burton (2020)

Updated my documents

"Just received my license back from DVLA with the new title. Over the moon, thank you Prestige."

Lord D. Reynolds (2021)

Perfect anniversary gift

"Bought the couples Lord & Lady pack for our 25th anniversary. My husband doesn't hesitate to inform everyone he is now a Lord!"

Lady J. Cousins (2021)

Saving the planet

"Love that a percentage goes to conservation efforts for woodland and wildlife here in the UK. The title of Lady is also a massive bonus."

Lady A. Musgrave (2022)

Super quick delivery

"Bought this as a gift for my sisters Birthday. She loves it and I can't believe how quick delivery was the next day after ordering it the previous day. I'm going to treat myself aswell. Thank you Prestige Titles."

Ian D. (2022)

Elevate your status, support charitable causes, and enjoy the fun and elegance that comes with your new title.

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Can I legally call myself a Duke or Duchess?

Yes, absolutely! Prestige Titles takes care of all the legalities and formalities involved in assigning your new title to you.

We will use a legally recognised "Deed" (written in English). Under International and English Law: "You have the right to call yourself, and be known as anything you like" provided there is no fraudulent intention in the process of any such changes to a person's identity.

Can I add my title to my personal documents?

In most cases, yes! We'll show you exactly how to do this within your welcome pack.

Many customers have successfully updated their driving licences, credit cards and bank accounts to show their new Prestige Title, however we can't make any guarantees as every organisation is different.

Please note that documents that do not display titles (such as passports) cannot be altered.

What happens if I get married?

In the event of a surname change due to marriage, we offer a free replacement service for the documentation including personalised title certificate & master title deed. 

How long does the process take?

All of our packs are available as instant downloadable documents.

For printed packs, we prepare the legal documents & despatch them to you within 24 hours of purchase (Monday to Friday). In addition to the legal documents, you will receive a Title Certificate, suitable for framing.