Frequently Asked Questions

Can I purchase a title pack for someone else?

Yes you can, many of our purchases are gifts for others, at the point of ordering, you will enter the name of the person who you want the certificates and plot of land to be assigned to.

Can I legally call myself a Lord or Lady?

Yes, absolutely! Prestige Titles takes care of all the legalities and formalities involved in assigning your new title to you.

We will use a legally recognised "Deed" (written in English). Under International and English Law: "You have the right to call yourself, and be known as anything you like" provided there is no fraudulent intention in the process of any such changes to a person's identity.

Can I add the title to my personal documents?

In most cases, yes! We'll show you exactly how to do this within your welcome package.

Many customers have successfully updated their driving licences, credit cards and bank accounts to show their new Prestige Title, however we can't make any guarantees as every organisation is different.

Please note that documents that do not display titles (such as passports) cannot be altered.

Do I have to live in the UK?

No, you can hold a Prestige Title anywhere in the world!

Is there a minimum age to purchase a pack?

No, our packs can be purchased for anyone of any age.

You also do not have to use the Master Title Deed to legally change your title if you don’t want to, the certificates, pack and land are a great gift without it.

What happens if I get married?

In the event of a surname change due to marriage, we offer a free replacement service for the documentation including personalised title certificate & master title deed. 

What's the difference between a Non-Seated Prestige Title and a Seated Title or Lord of the Manor Title?

Supplied by Prestige Titles:

Prestige Title: The ability to update your via Deed Poll to any Title you wish (Lord, Lady, etc) and use before your name. For example: Lord John Smith. The Title dies with you and isn't passed on.

Not supplied by Prestige Titles:

Seated Title: Title (Lord, Lady, etc) before your name and "of somewhere" after it. EG. Lord John Smith of Westminster. On death you can leave the land (bequeathed in your Will) to a beneficiary who can take on the Title if they wish.

Lord of the Manor Title: Title (Lord, Lady, etc) before your name and "of the Manor of somewhere" after it. EG. Lord John Smith of the Manor of Westminster. On death you can leave the land (bequeathed in your Will) to a beneficiary who can take on the Title if they wish.

Are you selling me a Title?

No we are not selling you a noble title or peerage. Nobody is able to sell you this.

Our Title Packs are supposed to be a fun gift with the purpose of preserving nature. However our packs do include simple legal paperwork and full instructions so that you can change your title yourself by Deed Poll (from Mr John Smith to Lord John Smith for example), which would be legally recognised once done.

Can I add a place name to the end of my title, e.g Lord xxx xxx of London?

No, this would not be possible for a Prestige Title as they are non-seated and therefore non-specific to any place name. Please only enter the name of the recipient.

Are there any guarantees?

We guarantee you will be able to adopt a title under present legislation and use such title(s) for show purposes.

How long does the process take?

All of our packs are available as instant downloadable documents.

For printed packs, we prepare the legal documents & despatch them to you within 24 hours of purchase (Monday to Friday). In addition to the legal documents, you will receive a Title Certificate & Certificate of Disposition for your plot of land, suitable for framing.